We choose the high tin bronze alloys materials ratio according to the customer’s requirements, the characteristics of the application industry, the high strength, the scene, long-life use time.

TIN BRONZE BUSHING C83600 C90710 Jedbushing Bearing
tensile strength

Why do bronze bearings need tin?

Copper tin bronzes, leaded high tin bronze alloy, or tin bearing are known for their corrosion resistance. Tin bronze is stronger and more malleable than red and semi-red brass and high strength.

Tin bronze/bearing is strong and hard, with high ductility. This combination of properties gives them a high load-carrying capacity, good abrasion resistance, and the ability to withstand impact.

What are the advantages of tin bronze alloys?

Tin bronze is a metal alloys (copper casting alloy) with copper as the main component. They are very corrosion-resistant and of high strength. The most famous traditional type is bronze, where copper tin is an important addition, and brass alloys use zinc.

The presence of copper-tin provides high mechanical properties but is offset by the increase in metal cost by the addition of copper-tin.

The development in the applications fields such as seawater and saltwater has been absolutely affirmed by the industry. Common accessories, gears, bearings, pump accessories, impellers, etc.

How do distinguish the characteristics of tin bronze materials?

Although the material cost of these tin bronzes is relatively high, because of the high mechanical properties of this tin bronze, the service life and the quality of use can be compensated, and this situation can be understood.

This bronze alloys industry and field are very broad. The service temperature of tin bronze alloys is as high as 220 ℃, and there are accessories, gears, bearings, pump accessories, impellers, etc. for common use.

Why are high-tin bronze alloys?

These grades of tin bronzes alloys(high strength bushing/bearing) are commonly used in wear-resistant applications. Common industrial applications include gears, pump impellers, and other accessories(with tin bronze material properties). The main chemical properties (material science) form of tin bronze grades are analyzed below:

Performance Parameters Of Tin Bronze Bearings material properties

What are the main industrial fields of tin bronze bearings?

Bronze bearing applications include injection molding machined, hydraulic, wind power, steam fittings, pump impellers, industrial machinery.

A powerful book has been carried out to develop a broad vision. Moreover, the technology of copper sleeves, copper tiles, copper nuts, copper turbines, zinc-based alloys, copper castings, and aluminum castings has risen to strong development(last time study tin bronze melting point).

The prospect of copper sleeve technological innovation is broad, and there is already a potential field of development.

What are the advantages of tin bronze alloys?

Copper tin bronze(bronze bearing copper) is a metal alloy with copper as its main component. They are highly resistant to corrosion.

 The best known traditional types are bronze, of which copper tin is an important addition, and brass, which uses zinc instead.

Where to get good tin bronze-bearing alloys?

We have strict control of raw materials and control the quality from the source. Of course, the price of this bronze alloy is not very stable, but we try our best to find better raw material suppliers. Material performance analysis, hardness testing, material properties, sample rods save this work, we never stop.

How is your tin bronze bearing market doing?

Our bronze bushing/bearing applications are mainly divided into three markets: hydraulic machinery, wind power gearbox industry, and steam fittings.

In the domestic market of these two industries, our bronze bushing share reaches 47%. One out of every 10 mainframes on the market uses our bushings.

What bushings are used in injection molding machines?

The main ones are the copper sleeves of C83600 and C90710. Our products can meet the requirements of American and European standards. Typically found in the bushings in the hydraulic industry, the basic size is not large, and they are purchased in pairs. An ordinary injection molding machine needs at least 8-16 bushings.

Are the tin bronze rings of wind power gearboxes very demanding?

Wind turbines are required to run for more than 20 years without dismantling, which requires high precision for bronze bushings. We have a separate production line of constant temperature workshop, which integrates imported machining center, gantry, CNC vertical car light equipment. Completely superior in terms of quality.

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